CVPR 2019 Voting Results

The PAMI TC voted on three motions and one non-binding poll at CVPR 2019. The results can be found below:

Motion 1: Five-Year Planning Window for CVPR CVPR will move from a four-year advance planning window for future meetings to a five-year window. In transition, the PAMI TC executive committee is authorized to select the location and organizing team for CVPR 2024, subject to ratification at CVPR 2020. CVPR 2025 proposals will then be voted on next year at CVPR 2020.

The Motion Passed:
Yes: 639
No: 196

Motion 2: Selection of a Runner-Up Conference Bid as the Winner for a Subsequent Year Motion 2: When there are two CVPR proposals with strong support, the PAMI TC executive committee is authorized, but not required, to award the following year’s conference to the

The Motion Passed:
Yes: 529
No: 307

Motion 3: CVPR 2023 Location and Organizing Team:

Vancouver, Canada
GC: Greg Mori, Fei-Fei Li, Michael Brown, Yoichi Sato
PC: Vladlen Koltun, Svetlana Lazebnik, Ross Girshick, Andreas Geiger

Indianapolis, United States
GC: Walter Scheirer, Ramin Zabih, Sudeep Sarkar, Octavia Camps
PC: David Forsyth, Rita Cucchiara, Robert Pless

CVPR 2023 Will be Held in Vancouver:
Vancouver: 674
Indianapolis: 187

Non-binding Poll 1: PAMI TC Executive Committee Role in CVPR Advance Planning In order to better facilitate advance planning, should the selection of future CVPR meeting locations and organizing teams be handled by the PAMI TC’s executive committee, in their role as conference steering committee, rather than continuing to be voted on at the annual meetings?

No: 553
Yes: 276