ICCV 2019 Voting Results

Results of Voting at ICCV 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted at ICCV 2019 on the proposed changes for planning future meetings. Here are the results and the plans moving forward.

The motion to approve holding ICCV 2023 in Paris was approved. The organizing team is strong, and we should all be grateful to them for the time and effort they’re going to put in over the next four years. Yes: 449, No: 25

The motion to move from a four-year planning window to a six-year one for ICCV was also approved. As we’ve grown larger, the pool of suitable meeting locations has grown smaller, which has made securing good locations difficult. This change will hopefully help. Yes: 392, No: 78

This transition leaves us with the question of how to decide the location and organizing team for ICCV 2025. If we wait until ICCV 2021 to vote on it, that leaves that team only four years lead time to secure a suitable location, the very problem we’re trying to avoid by moving to a six-year window. There were two options presented for voting on at ICCV: a) vote on the location and team for ICCV 2025 at CVPR 2020, or b) have the TC’s executive committee — which functions as the conference’s steering committee — select the location and team for ICCV 2025. A strong majority of those voting were in favor of voting on ICCV 2025 at CVPR 2021 so that it is still decided by community vote, even at CVPR instead of ICCV. This means that ICCV 2025 will be voted on at CVPR 2021. ICCV 2027 will then be voted on at ICCV 2021. Option A: 290, Option B: 176

The motion that ICCV will not normally be held in the same country on successive geographic rotations was also approved. This hopefully avoids bias in the voting caused by a large number of attendees from the host country (which is otherwise a very good thing!). Yes: 424, No: 47