CVPR 2022 Voting Results

Motion 1: Withdrawn Submissions Will No Longer be Made Inaccessible to Reviewers.

Proposed by Simon Niklaus (Adobe Research)

After reviews have been released, authors may opt to withdraw their submission which currently makes this submission inaccessible to the involved reviewers. In turn, this practice prevents reviewers from reading the assessment of the other reviewers. However, reviewers may want to hear what their peers had to say to improve their own reviewing skills. For example, reviewers may wonder whether their assessment is in line with the reviews of others or whether they missed any key points. To change this, this motion aims to end the practice of making withdrawn submissions inaccessible to reviewers such that they have the option to grow from the assessments of their peers.

Yes: 867
No: 354


Motion 2: Making Authors Responsible for Reviewing.

Proposed by Terry Boult (UCCS)

Given the importance of high-quality reviewing to CVPR, the need for every paper to have at least 3 reviews, and the presence of authors who benefit professionally from the community but do not contribute any service to it, the following change to the review process is proposed:

All authors, except those who are area/general chairs, are automatically added to the reviewer pool. Area chairs may assign up to 3 papers to these author-reviewers, per author submission, but may also choose to not assign any papers. Only the program chairs can provide exceptions to authors for these reviewing duties, e.g., for medical or family reasons.

Yes: 677
No: 553


Motion 3: Penalties for Violations of the CVPR Reviewing Guidelines.

Proposed by Terry Boult (UCCS) and Walter Scheirer (Notre Dame)

Any reviewer who has accepted an invitation to review but violates the reviewing guidelines set forth by the conference will be prohibited from submitting any papers to CVPR for up to two years. Only area chairs and program chairs will be allowed to flag such violations. The program chairs will make the final decision to apply a penalty to a reviewer based on the recommendation of an area chair and/or their own judgement. Reviewers with an active penalty will be placed on a list, maintained by the PAMI TC, which will be provided to the program chairs of each edition of CVPR.

In order to set appropriate expectations, all reviewers will read and agree to the reviewing guidelines after accepting the invitation to review. Further, reviewers will be required to take and pass a short quiz that emphasizes the most salient aspects of the guidelines. Scores from these quizzes will be made available to the area chairs and program chairs during the reviewer assignment phase of the review cycle.

Yes: 655
No: 574


Motion 4: CVPR Statement Condemning Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Proposed by Anna Rohrbach (Berkeley)

CVPR condemns in the strongest possible terms the actions of the Russian Federation government in invading the sovereign state of Ukraine and engaging in war against the Ukrainian people. We express our solidarity and support for the people of Ukraine and for all those who have been adversely affected by this war.

The statement will be published on the CVPR homepage(s) while the war is ongoing.

Yes: 812
No: 395